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May 23, 2010


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hi debbie love your blog i feel the same about s a t c.I pretend I don`t watch it but I got caught,our local kino held a premier of the film also with coktails I went with Amber and her freind:The next day a report came in the local paper and there I was in full technicolour right at the front of the bar looking very happy with two cosmopolitans in my hand!So many people spoke to me about it saying they had seen me in the paper at the satc premier,so i had to come out of the closet!


debbie ainscoe

Ha! great! yup there's no hiding in the dark recesses of the flicks or indeed closets with this one!!

You have an early release in Germany!. Always in UK, film and the like are in a time delay que for some reason that I can't figure especially with things being simultaneously available on the net.

One thing tho - dont tell me what happens!!! dx

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